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We are an independent association that works by the community and for the community.

We invite you and all the people who are interested in these health research topics, to be part of our community, where we support each other in this work and share access to information on advances. There are training courses for all ranges, from novice to advanced researchers, as well as general users who want to learn more tools to take responsibility for their health, 

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You are invited to join our 1395+ members and participate in making dreams come true.

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As a member of our association, you will have the option to expand your knowledge and discover that health is possible via brand new research approaches. Mutual help makes this a better world and you will be supporting with your membership our research projects for the protection of the health and well-being of all mankind. 

You will be able to interact in our forum "" with other members, where you will learn how to implement protocols to improve your health. 

The legal framework of our association is optimal for its operation, privacy is granted to all members allowing the freedom of internal information flow and privacy of your data. 

Continue to take care of yourself and remember that information is power

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